Mills, Elizabeth Shown. Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian.

Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997. 124p.; hardcover. $16.95. ISBN 0-8063-1543-1.

Every serious family researcher should be not only aware of, but thoroughly familiar with, the late Richard Lackey’s Cite Your Sources, which, on its publication in 1981, quickly became the Bible of genealogical source citation. Many, however, are not aware that Lackey was inspired by an article published a few years before by Elizabeth Mills — another name that all genealogists should be familiar with.


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Hoffman, Lee H. (ed.). Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist.

Baltimore: Gateway Press, 2003. 309p., softcover. Index, illus. $24.95 ISBN 0-9721567-0-4.

“Which genealogy software do you use?” is often the beginning of what might be characterized as almost a religious argument. Still, there aren’t many products on the market sufficiently complex to create demand for an after-market manual.


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Jones, Henry Z., Jr. Psychic Roots: Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy.




Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1993. 236p., softcover. Index, illus. $18.95. ISBN 0-8063-1388-7.

Hank Jones spent twenty years in movies, especially Disney films, and that freed him up later on to pursue his genealogical interests, both as an author and as a well-known national conference speaker — for both of which he received the NGS Award of Merit.


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Boyer, Carl, III. Medieval English Ancestors of Certain Americans.

Santa Clarita, CA: Carl Boyer 3rd, 2001. 327p., hardcover. Index. $35.00 + $3.35 s/h. ISBN 0-936124-21-0. (PO Box 220333, Santa Clarita, CA 91322)

Boyer published the 3d edition of Ancestral Lines in 1981, and this volume, concentrating on medieval lineages of broad interest, is a further addition to that. He notes that publishing anything on medieval genealogy is perilous because errors are unavoidable, even among the experts.


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